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Hydrofire—How You make the Most of Each South African Braai


Have you seen our list of products that showcase the best braais in South Africa? It’s an item that should be on any South African’s shopping list and with Hydrofire you can be assured of the best braais on the market.

We’re passionate about the institution of ‘braaiing’ in this country, which is why we put our heart and soul into braais and braai stands in South Africa. We want to help you take your braai to the next level, all thanks to Hydrofire braais.

So, view our list, order yours and enjoy even better times with your friends around the fire.

Why Choose a Hydrofire Braai?

Hydrofire is a proudly South African company and we’re proud of our locally manufactured products. Many of our wood and gas braais are made in SA, so when you buy from us, you’re helping to make this an even better country than it already is.

Of course, you want value for money and with Hydrofire you get it all:

  • A wide variety of products
  • Stylish designs to complement your home
  • Durable units that will last you a long time
  • Our braais perform well, making it easy to show off your skills and cater even for a large crowd

Best of all, you get quality braais at affordable prices, so almost anyone in SA can now braai in style.

What are Your Braai Options?

While most South Africans enjoy a good braai, when YOU are the braai master, you have different preferences and expectations than your neighbor. This is why we offer a wide range of braai products. Choose the one that matches your braai habits and needs:

  • Steel braais: Install a steel braai outside or inside and add elegance to the building.
  • Combo braais: Why pick one if you can have both types? Have a gas and wood combo braai so you can tailor your braai technique to the occasion.

Where to Get Your Hydrofire Braai

We know people from Gauteng right through to the Cape enjoy the braai experience and we want to help everyone obtain the best equipment for these occasions. So, visit our outlets in Johannesburg or Cape Town, or order yours online from anywhere in the country.  

Enjoy the Best Long-Term Investment in Indoor or Outdoor Fun

Looking forward to many special times with friends and family, flipping chops and impressing the crowd with your braai master skills? You can enjoy this experience for years to come using your Hydrofire braai. Our included warranty is proof that you’re buying quality.

So, will it be a wood fire braai? On the patio outside or inside in your braai area? No matter what you choose, when you’re braai master using a Hydrofire braai, you’re set for good times, every time!