5 Things to Consider Before Building a Braai

Thinking about building a braai? You may think that it would be a cheaper and quicker alternative to investing in a quality braai but in reality, building a braai is not as straight-forward as many may think. Rather than wasting time, effort and money on a braai that ends up being more hassle than it is worth, it is far more practical to look at a pre-made braai that comes with a guarantee of quality.

Building a Braai? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Building a braai may seem easy when you’re watching DIY videos or browsing the web for ideas. Before you start stocking up on bricks and cement, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Building from scratch is not always easy.

As easy as DIY enthusiasts make it look, building from scratch is seldom an easy process. Many braai masters have spent years trying to get a functional, decent-looking braai built, only to still have problems when it comes to using the braai. There are many steps involved to get a braai that lasts more than a weekend or two.

2. Building from scratch is not always cheap.

The cost of bricks, cement and other supplies can add up quickly. Then there is the cost of the time and effort it takes to put everything together, using spirit levels and various other tools to ensure that everything is perfect. Even though pre-built braais are not cheap either, the difference is that pre-made braais will last you a very long time. They will also work properly, as soon as they are installed. That brings us to our next point…

3. Pre-made braais are an investment.

Pre-built braais are an investment that can enhance the value of your home considerably. If you invest in a beautifully designed braai such as built-in or freestanding wall-mounted braai that seamlessly fits into your outdoor braai area, the result is an entertainment space that adds plenty of value to your property.

4. Incorrect installation can be a hazard.

Purchasing a quality braai already made gives you the added advantage of professional installation. Trying to build and install a homemade braai can be more dangerous than you might realise. If bricks are not cemented properly or if any parts are not put together properly, accidents can all too easily occur when you first try to light the braai.

5. DIY braais can be an eye-sore.

Finally, DIY braais are also seldom very nice to look at. While braais don’t always have to look good (as long as they get the job done), an ugly braai that looks like it has been thrown together can end up being less than pleasant. This can affect your property value and also put guests off when you are entertaining. A modern or classic braai with a seamless design will always look good, on the other hand, making your outdoor area look good in the process.

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