Boiler Stove Fireplace or Dry Fireplace

The primary decision to be made by you before choose a dry or a water-based boiler stove fireplace is whether you want to heat a relatively small open area, or whether you want to heat your entire house. Heat typically spreads through open space provided there are not many obstructions, […]

Boiler Stove Fireplace Calculations

The total power in kilowatts of every water based fireplace is made up of two components: Space Heating Power & Water Heating Power. Total (Kw) = Space (Kw) + Water (Kw). Example: Let’s say that you were in the market for a heating solution for your medium to large house […]

How To: Connect A Boiler Stove Fireplace

Installation of central heating systems is quite complicated and needs to be done by trained professionals only, as failure to comply with certain installation safety rules can lead to fireplace or central heating system damage, and even personal injury. Incorrect or negligent installation can lead to leaks or air chokes […]

How To: Build A Fireplace Surround

Our cast iron built-in fireplaces include two components of heating, namely convection and radiation. The radiation heating comes through the glass in the form of infrared waves, but for the convectional heating to work correctly and not only heat the space directly around the combustion chamber, but the entire room,, […]

How To Install a Flue

If your chimney duct is going to run straight up through the ceiling and roof, you will be particularly interested in learning how to install a flue internally. This is the most common installation method in South Africa and it starts with a single wall flue from the fireplace running […]