Insulated vs Single Wall Flues

The two types of flue systems commonly used in South Africa, are single wall (non-insulated) flues and double wall (insulated) flues. The single wall flue is a simple stainless steel duct. When hot gases move through the non-insulated flue, its outer surface becomes extremely hot. This is not ideal if the […]

Stainless Steel Flue Variations

There are three types of stainless steel commonly used for the manufacturing of flues, namely 430 grade, 304 grade and 316 grade. However, not all flues are made equal and when shopping for flues, one should be sure to take into account the type of steel used to manufacture it. […]

Beware Galvanised And Mild Steel Flues

Purely because of the low price, some people opt to use galvanised or mild steel flue pipes. However, for closed combustion fireplaces these materials should be avoided at all costs. Closed combustion fireplaces produce a higher concentration of corrosive gases than open fireplaces and the Acetic Acid produced as the […]

Imported European Flue Regulations

The imported flues we sell at Hydrofire are manufactured according to the highest European standards to ensure the best quality and safety, while still being extremely well priced. Since July 2013, the Construction Products Directive (CPD) has been changed and has become a regulation (CPR). Accordingly, adequate chimneys are considered […]