130mm Flue Kit – Suitable for Closed Combustion Fireplaces (Slimline Storm)

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130mm Flue Kit

Soup up your fireplace with a premium quality exhaust system! Crafted from resilient 304 grade steel, our flues are top quality, CE-certified and manufactured in Greece. They come in the natural stainless-steel finish. This flue kit is compatible with all the closed combustion fireplaces currently sold on Takealot (both Hydrofire & Euro Fireplaces). Designed for single story homes with standard ceiling height - flues protruding through the lower section of a sloped roof or flat roof (3D Drawing with Explanations attached). Additional pieces can be purchased to extend the flues where required. Alternatively search the internet for a flues calculator to determine the parts required. Internal Flues are single skin in order to give off more heat to the room and reduce overall cost. They are made up of an adaptor to start with, then 1m duct, 0.5m duct and 0.25m duct. The 0.25m piece is optional and can be left out if getting too close to the ceiling. Insulated flues need to start below the ceiling and go all the way up to the cowl. Insulated flues are used for fire safety; to prolong the life of your roof seal and to avoid harmful condensation leaking into your fireplace and causing premature wear and tear. What’s Excluded? There is no roof seal included in this set. Appropriate roof seal can either be supplied by your fireplace installer or you can purchase on Takealot. Two roof seal options are Slope Roof flashing for 130mm flue Kit or Flat roof flashing for 130mm flue kit depending on your roof type.

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