Hydrofire > Automatic air valve with plastic cover

Automatic air valve with plastic cover

The automatic air valve removes any air from the system thus stopping air pockets to form which could prevent flow through pipes or components. Casing in Zytel (HTN51). Cup in brass ST UNI EN 12165 CW617N. Black cap manual venting in stiffened Pa6. Grey cap automatic venting in stiffened Pa6. Floater in PP. Splingle in Pa 6. Ring in PPO. Spring in steel inox .Shutter in silicone rubber. O-Ring in NBR. Bubble-breaker in stiffened Pa 6.Gasket in NBR Maximum Temperature: 110 degree C. Maximum Pressure: 10 bar Available size: 1/2″ Air valve 3/8″ Air with bubble breaker

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