Charnwood Aire 7 (Low Stand)

Charnwood Fireplaces

Charnwood Aire 7 (Low Stand)

The Charnwood Aire 7 upsizes the Aire 5 at the top of the current Aire range. This 11KW (max output) stove should keep you comfortable in a space that is up to 275 cubic metres in volume.

Like the other products in the Aire range, the Aire 7 is a dedicated ‘wood-burner’ only. This commitment to sustainable fuel sources shows Charnwood’s awareness of our need to move away from fossil fuels.

It is no surprise that the Aire 7 comes Eco-Design ready as standard. During tests, the results achieved by the Aire 7 were nearly half the current Eco-Design requirements under the all-important ’emissions’ categories which is very impressive for a stove this size.

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