Hydrofire > Electrothermic Head NO 230V 2-Wire

Electrothermic Head NO 230V 2-Wire

Specialised valve used to automate fluid regulation. The valve is controlled by an electronic controller. Absorption – protection 3,45 VA (230 V) 3 VA (24 V). Protection: IP 40 (IP 44 vertical position). Cable length: 1m. Breakaway current: 0,35 A (model 24 V) – 0,25 A (model 230 V). Closing/opening time: 5-6 min Poly carbonate case. Stainless steel spring. Indicator PPA (35% FV). Steel radial stop ring. Brass shelf TN UNI EN 12164 CW614N. Poly carbonate base. M30x1.5 ring nut PA 66 (50% FV). PVC cable. Micro switch 4A (5A to be out of stock). Wax expansion electrothermal actuator

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