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Klover DUAL

Efficiency: 92 %
Heating area: 200m² - 350m²
Power output: 27.6kW - 30kW

Klover DUAL is a wood/pellet heating stove with unique and eye-catching design, the most innovative of the whole range. The fire doors with double ceramic glass, the handles “cold-by-touch” fixed, together with its soft, rounded lines and hand-made and hand-decorated tiles, are just some of the stunning features of this product. The complete and already assembled hydraulic equipment, the “SICURO top” system, very high combustion efficiency combined with low emissions, make DUAL a products virtually unique in the world.

The brand Klover is synanomous with Engineering Excellence and build quality. This family-run company based in the north of Italy takes extreme pride in their quality of workmanship and also looks at the finest details when designing and manufacturing stoves.

Boiler Output = 17.7kW – 20kW
Wood Power = 11.3kW – 13.6kW (6.5kW to water; 4.8kW to air)
Pellet Power = 16.1kW (11.2kW to water; 4.8kW to air)

6 x Faster than normal quartz ignition plug
Automatic weekly programmer
Innovative advanced Controller
Sealed cast iron Brazier
Chrome protected treatment
Electronic circulation pump
Boiler touch screen
Glass fiber cable
WiFi enabled for remote control

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