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The Mini BL is a very affordable, small fireplace. The unit features a large combustion chamber and a door which covers the ashtray, keeping the fireplace looking minimal and sleek. At 5kw power, the Mini BL can heat up a small-sized living space. The fireplace provides 67% efficiency and comes with a chimney damper to further control the draught in the flue, thus achieving optimal burning rate.

The Pure Stoves range come equipped with the following specs:

  • Steel Body
  • Steel thickness on the front 2mm and 1.5mm on the sides.
  • German Schott Glass resistant to 850°C
  • Rope seals behind the glass on the door
  • Hardy cast iron grills
  • All sides are adequately protected by the 30mm thick Chamotte Fireproof bricks.
  • High heat paint suitable for temperatures up to 650°C.
  • 6 month limited warrantee as per the instruction manual

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