Hydrofire > Nero Lux (white)

Nero Lux (white)

Efficiency: 77 %
Heating area: 106m² - 136m²
Metal: Steel
Power output: 11 kW - 18 kW

Although crafted from hardy and high quality steel, this powerful fireplace looks spectacularly sophisticated in a modern and fresh medium to large space. A powerful model that is both effective and efficient on wood, it will heat your home quickly and with little exertion. With the option for either a top exit flue straight up into the ceiling, or a rear exit flue that feeds into the wall behind it, it can be used as a freestanding unit or inserted into an existing fireplace to save on space. All our fireplaces are imported from Europe and boast a strict CE certification, so you know you can rely on the quality of any unit you purchase from Hydrofire. Just to ensure you sleep well at night, our steel fireplaces come with a 2 year warranty too.

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