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Salamanca 790 x 750

Efficiency: 80 %
Heating area: 125m² - 160m²
Metal: Steel
Power output: 14kW – 21kW

The Salamanca is a fireplace like no other. Very rare is it to find a built in fireplace with such a massive door and huge view of the fire. The whopping 790mm wide by 750mm high door is something spectacular to see. Further to the large fireview, the Salamaca offers 14kW nominal output with a MAX of 21Kw. Despite the large power output, this unit is still extremely efficient. In fact it is one of our most efficient fireplaces, achieving 80% efficiency. The current units that we stock do not come standard with a forced circulation fan, but this is something that can be added by request.

HUGE Frameless black glass door
Door size WxH = 790×752
Convectional Enclosure included
Weight: 250kg
14kw – 21kw; 80% Efficiency
Primary & Secondary Air control
Double Combustion
Adjustable height
Dimesions WxDxH = 888x552x1379
Cover (trim) Included

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