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Seville 754

Efficiency: 78 %
Heating area: 105m² - 130m²
Metal: Cast Iron
Power output: 11kW – 16kW

Seville 754 is the 700mm wide normal door version of our beautiful new cast iron range from Spain. Weighing at 146 kg of pure cast iron, this unit is equipped with an external convectional cover and has 2 built in fans. When the temperature of the cast iron gets sufficiently hot, the fan automatically activates and starts blowing the heated air into the room, thus circulating produced heat into far reaching corners. One can select to have the hot air blow from the top of the fireplace into the room, or alternatively it can be ducted into one or two nearby areas.

Additional Specifications:

Weight: 146kg
2 x Fans – Speed 1 (auto), Speed 2 and Off positions
11kw – 16kw; 78% Efficiency
Primary Air control
Double Combustion
Glass Cleaning System (airwash)
Chimney Damper
Dimesions WxDxH = 697mm x 453mm x 545mm
Cover (trim) NOT included – sold separately
Flue Diameter: 180mm – internal & 200mm external

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