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Solar Thermal Collectors

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Our Solar Panels are imported from a highly reputable supplier in GreeceSolar Panels for Solar Water Heating. Our supplier manufactures 3 tiers of Solar panels and we import the medium tier (not the lowest spec). Generally in South Africa most solar collectors are the lowest spec due to the high solar irradiation we receive in the country. Some of the distinguishing features of the H81 collectors are a full face metal sheet which is pre-painted with a UV resistant coating. The full sheet is ultrasonically bonded to the internal pipes. It is specifically designed to integrate with the rest of the panel in providing solidity and ensuring the preservation of its efficiency. The H81 has a "Low Iron" content Clearlight glass panel, which increases the amount of solar radiation on the collector's coating and as a result it's efficiency. The collector is built using a high quality stone wool insulation designed to eliminate scale build up on the glass at high temperatures. Such scale in the long term can decrease the panel's permiability and thus efficiency.

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Weight 34.0000 kg
Dimensions N/A
Panel Size

2.0 m2, 2.5 m2


400W – 1400W, 450W – 1750W