Style 2 – Decor (Silver)

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Style 2 – Decor

The Style 2-Décor is a small, affordable yet luxurious looking fireplace that features coloured side panels. These are available in silver or red. at 7kw power, can heat up a small sized living space. The fireplace provides 75% efficiency and comes with a chimney damper to further control the draught in the flue, thus achieving optimal burning rate. The unit comes with a 12 month limited warrantee as per instruction manual. The Pure Stoves range come equipped with the following specs: Steel Body – Firebrick Lining German Schott Glass for the fireplace door – resistant to 850 deg C Rope seals behind the glass on the door Chamotte Fireproof bricks “Roka” from Greece with 30mm thickness for lining the entire combustion chamber Hardy cast iron grills Steel thickness on the front 2mm and 1.5mm on the sides. All sides are adequately protected by the Chamotte Fireproof bricks. FKI Hungarian high heat paint suitable for temperatures up to 650 deg C.

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Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 43 × 51 × 82 cm


Fuel Type


Power Output kW

7kW – 9kW

Nominal Output (Kw)


Heating Area

70m² – 80m²

Efficiency %


Flue Outlet


Flue Diameter



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