TSV3B 45 C Loading Valve

TSV3B 45 C Loading Valve

Also known as, anti-condensation valve, used in central heating systems to automatically regulate at the set value, the temperature of the water returning to the wood fired boiler. "Wooden solid fuel contains a variable moisture percentage depending on the type (logs,pellets, woodchips etc.) and seasoning. Water vapor is released during the solid fuel drying phase inside the combustion chamber. The presence of cold zones in the boiler or flue gas chimney can lower the temperature of the flue gas down to the dew point, causing condensation to occur. Water vapor condenses on the generator surfaces, together with soot and part of the un-burnt hydrocarbons contained in the flue gas, producing deposits and tar. These substances stick to the walls of the boiler, covering most of the inner surfaces. In addition to being dangerous due to its flammability, tar is damaging to the integrity of the boiler and limits the efficiency of the flue gas-system water exchanger. By keeping the generator walls at the highest possible temperature, the anti-condensation valve limits the formation of these substances, thereby increasing the combustion efficiency, controlling the emissions into the environment and prolonging the generator life. Connection sizes are 3x 1”F."

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