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Boiler Stove Fireplace Calculations

The total power in kilowatts of every water based fireplace is made up of two components: Space Heating Power & Water Heating Power. Total (Kw) = Space (Kw) + Water (Kw).

Example: Let’s say that you were in the market for a heating solution for your medium to large house and have selected the water based Deluxe EB (see below) fireplace based on the predetermined heating requirements of your home. It has a nominal power of 12kW, which is made up of 5kW area heating power and 7kW water heating power and is ideal for an area of approximately 120m² (assuming 2.6m ceiling height). Assuming that the fireplace is located in the living room, we allocate the area heating output for 5kW to the living room.

5kw space heating output is adequate for 48m² (5000W / 40W/m³ = 125m³ / 2.6m = 48m³) This sizing is standard for a large living room of approximately 7m x 7m so we assume that the area heating capability of the fireplace would be sufficient to effectively warm the living room. Therefore, no radiators are needed in this room.

The remaining fireplace water heating power of 7kW needs to be allocated to aluminium radiators strategically positioned in the remaining areas of your house. For example, 7Kw can be distributed as follows:

Dining room 3m x 4m = 12m² x 2.6m (height) x 40w/m³ = 1.25kW (use aluminium radiator)

Bathroom 1 = 2m x 3.5m = 0.73kW (use heated towel rack)

Bedroom 1 = 3.5m x 3.5m = 1.27 kW (use aluminium radiator)

Bedroom 2 = 3.7m x 3.5m = 1.35kW (use aluminium radiator)

Bedroom 3 = 3.7m x 6m = 2.3kW (use aluminium radiator)

In total: 1.25kW + 0.73kW + 1.27kW +1.35kW + 2.3kW = 6.9kW (~7kW)

The experts at Hydrofire will assist you in making the appropriate selection of fireplace, aluminium radiators and heated bathroom towel racks in order to adequately heat your home, as well as design the system layout for you and recommend the most appropriate positions of radiators based on your floor plans. For larger residences where more than one heating solution is integrated into a complete heating solution – including solar, heat pump, gas boiler, buffer tank, pool heating etc. we work with a network of professional installers whom we can recommend.