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Boiler Stove Fireplace or Dry Fireplace

The primary decision to be made by you before choose a dry or a water-based boiler stove fireplace is whether you want to heat a relatively small open area, or whether you want to heat your entire house.

Heat typically spreads through open space provided there are not many obstructions, so if you have a relatively open space and your fireplace is centrally located and sufficiently sized for the area you wish to heat, you should be able to adequately heat the area with a conventional dry fireplace. The heat distribution will however always be more concentrated at the heat source, and the far corners of the room will be colder. Even if you have selected a fireplace size based on the volume of the entire house chances are that your bedrooms and outlying areas, and those rooms separated by walls will remain cold.

If you would like to maximise your heat distribution and be able to heat outlying rooms, then a boiler stove fireplace is the best option for you. Boiler stove fireplaces are selected based on the total heated area similar to the way we select conventional fireplaces, but one can safely assume that every area of the house can be adequately heated.