The Worst Place to Install Your Built In Fireplace

Whether installed in a bedroom, living room or even a kitchen, a built in fireplace offers plenty of value to any home. This type of fireplace is installed into the wall, as the name implies. Unlike freestanding fireplaces which can be placed anywhere, these fireplaces require professional installation. In this […]

Complicated Clovelly Fireplace Installation

Essentially this installation involved removing the existing inefficient open fireplace and replacing it with one of our cast iron built in closed combustion units. Since the space was very narrow the fireplace chosen was the Strasbourg fireplace. This unit is only 550mm wide therefore is ideal for situations where space […]

Enclosed free-standing fireplace

Although in many installs free-standing fireplaces are installed in open spaces where they are exposed. They can also be a great feature in a home when installed in an existing opening. One of our customers decided to replace his open fireplace with one of our free-standing Deluxe E fireplace. As […]

Free-standing fireplace installation in Stellenbosch

One of our free-standing installs was on a winery farm house just outside the city. The install was done in a span of two months since the house was under construction. The unit was to be installed on the bottom floor of a double storey mansion. We drilled through the slab […]

Fireplace in new Newlands house

After the enquiry we met the building team on site and discussed how the unit was to be installed while they were still busy with the brickwork. We gave them specifications on how we wanted the stand to be built thus with an opening in the middle for oxygen supply […]

Closed combustion fireplace in Rondebosch

Due to inefficiency of open fireplaces, most people are getting to replace them with closed combustion fireplaces which are highly efficient and safer to use. One of Hydrofire’s units is the Orleans which has a flat top thus making it possible to fit in limited spaces and still gives adequate […]