Hydrofire’s Online Flue Price Calculator

Instantly get a quote for your fireplace flue with the first calculator of its kind in the world Why endure the effort if there’s a simpler solution? That’s exactly what the Hydrofire team offers you with our online flue calculator.  Instead of the usual effort of trying to manually determine […]

Considering a Wood Burning Stove for 2018?

Thinking about getting a wood burning stove this year? Summer is the best time to start planning for the winter ahead, as it gives you plenty of time to prepare. It can be a little confusing at first to decide which stove is right for your home. To help make […]

Why Consider a Built-In Wood Burning Fireplace?

When it comes to deciding on what type of wood burning fireplace to choose, you may be wondering which is best – free-standing or built-in. In reality, both of these stove types have their own benefits and things to consider. The final choice will often come down to your budget, […]