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DIY Firewood Storage Ideas

One of the biggest factors in how well your wood burning fireplace performs is the quality and dryness of the wood. The problem is that most South Africans buy their wood in the winter, after the wet season has begun. Most supermarkets and firewood sellers do not store their wood correctly, which means that wood is often damp when you purchase it in winter. Instead of waiting until the last minute, get organised by sourcing and storing your wood during the summer months. Not only you will have the best possible wood for your wood fireplace – you will also often be able to get wood for cheaper during the off season.

DIY Tips on Firewood Storage

How do you store wood for optimal burning, you may be wondering? The secret is to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation to allow the wood to stay dry. Whatever storage system you use needs to be raised off the ground to avoid moisture and rot. DIYing your own wood storage is one of the simplest and best ways to keep small and larger amounts of firewood dry over the summer months.

We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas on firewood storage options that you can make yourself.

  1. Bulk Firewood Storage

Most firewood storing racks are designed for smaller loads that will be used within a shorter time frame. What do you do to ensure that you have enough wood to last you all the way through winter? It’s simple – you create your own bulk wood storage. This can be done fairly simply, and works best in a covered room such as a garage or shed. If you have space on a covered patio, you could also set up a wood pile in a corner. To make, all you need are some sturdy pallets and some wood stacking skills. This works best when logs are roughly the same size. As you can see from the example we have shown, this is one of the quickest and easiest solutions.

  1. Basic Firewood Rack

For smaller loads, this basic rack from Ana White is simple and easy to make. All you will need are a few 2x4s and some simple connectors, along with a drill and the usual woodworking equipment. While this project is beginner friendly, it is best to get help from your local hardware store to ensure that planks are cut to size before starting. View full details in the link below.

DIY Firewood Storage Ideas - Projects

Ana White Firewood Rack

  1. Rolling Firewood Cart

Putting your wood storage on wheels is a great way to move it around easily. This plan is also very simple and suitable for those with only the most basic of DIY skills. You could also use old pallets to make it even simpler. Make sure that you use sturdy wheels that are not too small – firewood can be heavy when you have a big batch and you don’t want the cart to get stuck or not wheel properly. Get full details from the link below.

DIY Firewood Storage Ideas - Projects

The Wood Grain Cottage Rolling Firewood Cart

  1. Super Easy Wood Storage

Low on DIY skills and supplies? No worries. You can make a very basic rack using only cinder blocks and scrap planks. This is a great choice for those who want a safe, effective way to store and dry out wood over summer without having to get out the drills, safety goggles and other tools. Make this rack bigger by using more blocks and planks. Make sure that you place the rack somewhere dry and undercover however… you don’t want your wood to get rained on or be exposed to rot.

DIY Firewood Storage Ideas - Projects

Homedit Cinder Block and Scrap Firewood Rack

  1. Pipe Wood Rack

The hardest part about this project will be creating the sturdy wooden base. As we mentioned before, logs can get heavy. It is important to provide a strong base for your wood holder so that it can withstand a decent sized pile. Once that is done and casters are placed on the bottom, it will be easier to assemble the pipes. This look is modern and stylish, working well for smaller loads that can be kept indoors.

DIY Firewood Storage Ideas - Projects

The Cavender Diary Pipe Firewood Rack

  1. Woodshed

If you have the skills, supplies and tools, not to mention the space on your property, you could even build a beautiful woodshed. This is a great way to store larger volumes of wood safely while keeping your wood out of the way. Set the shed up in a dry, unused part of your garden or in a garage, and you will be able to collect and store wood year in and year out. Full plans in the link below.

DIY Firewood Storage Ideas - Projects

Eco Exclusief Woodshed

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