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How Boiler Stove Fireplaces & Water-Based Heating Works

If you have a boiler stove fireplace, not only can it be used to provide warmth and comfort in your living room, but you can simultaneously use it warm up the rest of your home and even heat your domestic hot water. These specialised European fireplaces have a cavity that is called a water jacket within their walls jacket surrounding the combustion chamber which allows the heat from the fire to warm up the water, which in turn is circulated through the entire house, providing heat to every bedroom, bathroom and living area. One can additionally use a simple heat exchanger, or a specialised geyser to use the heat from the fireplace to warm your domestic hot water. This way a boiler stove fireplace can help you save on water, electricity and heating costs.

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Your Typical System Setup

This Hydrofire system can be used in conjunction with wall mounted radiators and towel rails or with water based floor heating systems.