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Why Invest in a Wood Burning Fireplace Before Winter?

Is it really worth investing in a wood burning fireplace before winter? One of the biggest mistakes that people make when purchasing fireplaces is assuming that winter is the best time to purchase their fireplace. In reality, this time can be the worst time. Because the majority of sales take place in winter, there can be waiting times, along with higher prices as well.

In this mini guide, we take a look at some of the reasons to start thinking about your wood burning fireplace now during the autumn months. Keep reading to find out why autumn is the best time to invest in a fireplace.

Top Reasons to Get Your Wood Burning Fireplace Before Winter Arrives

Some things to keep in mind when deciding when to purchase a wood burning fireplace include the following:

Prices will begin to increase once winter arrives.

While the summer months are the most cost-effective months to invest in a fireplace, autumn is also a lot more affordable than the winter months. As winter is when most people purchase fireplaces, it is the peak season for sales. This means that you may end up spending a lot more on your fireplace than you would if you choose a mid or off-peak season. There are some great deals to be found between March and May. Waiting too long can make it harder to afford your dream fireplace, pushing up the price significantly.

You may have to wait longer during the busy season.

Because winter is the busiest time, you may also have to wait a lot longer for your fireplace. Here at Hydrofire, our range of premium fireplaces are made in Europe and imported to South Africa. The waiting period during peak seasons can be frustrating for many, meaning that you do not get to enjoy your fireplace from the very first signs of winter. Between March and June, the weather begins to cool, with the first of the winter cold fronts often experienced before winter officially arrives. Getting your fireplace in advance will allow you to enjoy all the comfort of a closed combustion fireplace, from the very first cool evening.

You will have a far wider diversity of options available.

Finally, you will also have a wider range of fireplaces to choose from during the mid and low seasons. As peak season arrives, many of our more popular models are sold out quickly. This can make it harder to find your dream fireplace. Getting a head-start on your fireplace search and shopping now, in March, is the best way to ensure that you get the fireplace you have always wanted rather than the fireplace that is second or third or fourth place.

View our full range of free-standing and built-in fireplaces to see which models we currently have on offer. You can then purchase your dream wood burning fireplace and get a head-start on your winter plans.