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Top Reasons to Consider Central Heating for Your Home

Top Reasons to Consider Central Heating for Your Home - Fireplace Selection

Central heating offers an extremely effective way to warm your entire house or office, using a single boiler stove system. While some systems use hot air or oil, water is one of the most efficient ways to provide heat throughout an entire building.

The way it works is surprisingly simple. Cold water is placed within a cavity that lies in the walls of your fireplace. When the fireplace is in use, it warms up this water. Once the water reaches a certain temperature, it begins to circulate out of the cavity, flowing to the distribution box. From here, it is pumped out throughout the house, heating rooms with the use of installed radiators.

Compared to old-fashioned space heaters or window units, this system is far more user-friendly and sophisticated. The initial installation cost may be high, however the advantages and low running costs soon make this a worthwhile investment for any home.

Benefits of Central Heating Systems

Some of the advantages offered by central heating systems include the following:

  • Effective. This heating system is able to heat your entire cost, from room to room.
  • Efficient. A water heating system transfers energy a 4x the rate of an air heating system. Needless to say, this means it is a far more efficient solution.
  • Economical. Once the initial instalment is done, you will soon begin to see how cost-effective this system is in the long term.
  • Fast. Your home will become nice and cosy within half an hour of the system being activated… even when it’s freezing cold outside.
  • Safe. This system is safe for children as well as the elderly. There are no open fires or flames, and no exposed elements to worry about either. It’s also great for allergy sufferers as there is no forced air flow.
  • Controllable. You can programme the system according to your requirements so that certain rooms that are not in used are not heated.
  • Customised. Our systems are designed to integrate into your home giving you a customised solution that is just right for your needs.

Heated rooms and towel rails are great in winter, but that is not the only time that they come in handy. If you have small children or require a consistent temperature in your home at all times, this type of system can be worth considering throughout the year. It’s not only homes that benefit from this heating either – in the workplace, such systems can help keep your employees happy and comfortable throughout the year. To find out more about our central heating systems, contact Hydrofire today!