Heeta 950 Insert (16kw) casing with face
Heeta 950 Insert (16kw) casing with face
Heeta 950 Insert (16kw) casing with face
Heeta 950 Insert (16kw) casing with face

Built-In Fireplaces

Heeta 950 Insert (16kw) casing with face

Introducing the Hydrofire Heeta 950 Wood Fireplace Insert—a paragon of efficiency and aesthetic appeal. This wood-burning cassette fire captivates with its dynamic flames and meticulous edge finishing, perfectly aligned with the Hydrofire brand's commitment to quality and style.

Key Features:
Robust Construction: Built with resilient 5mm steel and fortified with a soil brick lining, this stove stands as a beacon of durability and longevity.
Efficient Heating: With an impressive 16 Kilowatt output, the Heeta 950 offers unbeatable Kilowatt to Rand value, ensuring your home stays warm and cozy.
Spacious Log Loading Area: Designed for convenience, the large log loading area ensures long-lasting warmth without constant refueling.
Technical Specifications:
Flue Outlet: Measures 150mm, ensuring efficient smoke and gas expulsion.
Heating Capacity: Effectively heats spaces up to 195m² making it ideal for large rooms and open-plan living areas.
Weight: Weighing in at 179.5 kg, it is sturdy and robust.
Firebox: 5mm steel firebox lined with soil brick, ensuring optimal heat retention and longevity.

The Hydrofire Heeta 950 Wood Fireplace Insert seamlessly blends performance, design, and outstanding value. Its dynamic flames, robust construction, and high efficiency make it a standout choice for those seeking both style and functionality in their home heating solutions.

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