L11 Vulcan DF Double Sided (Built in)

Built-In Fireplaces

L11 Vulcan DF Double Sided (Built in)

If you're in search of a hearth for your home, consider the magnificent L11 Vulcan, the largest fireplace within the Hydrofire collection. Crafted entirely from cast iron, this premium built-in unit provides the heating capacity of a substantial fireplace while occupying minimal space. With a robust weight of 175kgs, it accommodates wood logs up to 800mm, allowing you to toss in several logs and bask in the comforting warmth that permeates your living space.

Resembling a captivating piece of artwork, the sizable glass window affords a complete view of the mesmerizing flames dancing within. All our fireplaces are sourced from Europe and hold stringent CE certification, ensuring the reliability and quality of every unit from Hydrofire. For your peace of mind, each fireplace is backed by a 5-year warranty, ensuring restful nights with the assurance of enduring quality.

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Did you know that every fireplace requires flues?

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