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The LUPO M freestanding stove is distinguished by its economical combustion of fuel (seasoned wood) and above-average thermal efficiency. Model M in the entire LUPO series ranks in the middle of all variants, taking into account the size and nominal power (9kW). The structure of the LUPO M wood-burning freestanding fireplace is made of high-quality boiler plate (P265GH), whose greatest advantage, in addition to durability, is its high resistance to temperature fluctuations. The airtight chamber, combined with the option of external air supply, makes the fireplace suitable for houses equipped with a mechanical ventilation system (recuperation).

All models of LUPO fireplaces, are equipped with a three-stage, efficient system responsible for supplying air to the combustion chamber. The system includes an efficient flue gas afterburner, which is located in the firebox, or more precisely in its rear wall. Another component of the system is the air curtain, which is located above the door. The final, third stage, or primary air, is supplied under the grate. The entire process of burning wood in the fireplace is controlled by two, completely independent of each other, regulators responsible for controlling the secondary and primary air.

The use of a durable cast iron grate ensures long-lasting durability. Directly below the grate, there is an easily removable ashtray characterized by above-average capacity. The design of the standalone fireplace LUPO M allows for the installation of the flue outlet on both the rear and upper wall.

All LUPO stoves, regardless of size, are fully compliant with Regulation (EU) 2015/1185, as well as the ECO PROJECT guidelines and BlmSchV II and 15a B-VG standards. In everyday use, this means safe operation and environmentally friendly wood burning. Also noteworthy are the solutions that ensure easy and quick cleaning of the ash drawer and instant kindling. The entire construction of the fireplace is based on curved elements made of high-quality steel, which guarantee rigidity and strength. The fireplace's power of 9kW and relatively small size make it ideal for medium-sized rooms. Thoughtfully designed construction means that the body, or more precisely its upper part, can be successfully used as a hotplate.

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 56.5 × 40 × 93.8 cm


Fuel Type


Power Output kW

8.7kW (4- 11kW)



Heating Area

77m² – 90m²

Efficiency %


Flue Outlet


Flue Diameter


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