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Non Insulated Pipe – High Temp

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Our High Temp multilayer pipe is imported from EMMETI in Italy and is specifically designed for Heating Systems in mind, although it is ideal for domestic applications also. This pipe has undergone an additional manufacturing step of cross linking the molecules of the inner and outer layer of polyethylene. Thanks to this process it has a higher temperature resistivity of 95 degrees continuous temperature and a peak of 110 degrees for a short period (note that locally available pipe is only suitable for up to 70 degrees). This High Temperature pipe is therefore ideal for Central Heating installations with radiators where the temperature in the circuits can get quite high. We also recommend using this pipe for domestic hot water applications

• 1 Cross-linked polyethylene inner pipe (PE-Xb).
• 2 Bonding layer connecting the inner pipe to the aluminium pipe.
• 3 Butt-welded aluminium pipe, thickness min 0,3 mm.
• 4 Bonding layer connecting the outer pipe to the aluminium pipe.
• 5 Cross-linked polyethylene outer pipe (PE-Xb), size 16-32.
• High-density polyethylene outer pipe (PE-HD), size 40-75

Technical data Gerpex pipe
Classes of application (UNI ISO 21003): 2/10 bar, 5/10 bar
Maximum operating temperature: 95 °C
Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
Coefficient of linear expansion: 0,026 mm/m °C
Thermal conductivity: 0,45 W/m °C
Minimum radius of bending: 5 x Ø pipe
Surface roughness of internal pipe: 7 μm
Fire reaction class: EL (EN 13501-1)

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Heat resistance

High temp – 95 deg


16mm, 20mm, 26mm