Northern Flame Arrati
Northern Flame Arrati
Northern Flame Arrati

Freestanding Fireplaces

Northern Flame Arrati

The Northern Flame Arrati is a large, heavy duty, woodburning fireplace. It features a thick cast iron door; a 10mm thick steel top and 5mm thick steel sides. It’s finished off with a large window and a polished chrome handle. Its contemporary design and modern efficiency, makes it suitable for every interior.

The Tertiary Clean Burning System is controlled by a leaver on the base of the stove below the door. This leaver opens and closes a vent that pulls air over the fire, which re-burns the gases in the stove. This results in much higher efficiency and an eco-friendly product with lower fuel usage. There is a pre-heated Secondary Air Wash Glass Cleaning System that keeps the glass cleaner for longer. The airtight door gaskets and the manually controlled air flow to the chamber gives you ultimate control over your fire.

The combustion chamber is lined with vermiculite firebrick and comfortably loads 45cm logs. There is a vermiculite flatbed for burning wood with no need for an ashpan. The removable baffle plate has both a steel and vermiculite layer for extra durability and heat radiation. There is also an option to connect to an external air source. The rear of the stove features a convection panel. Included is a glove for opening the door and adjusting the air lever, and an instruction manual.

The Arrati is a high-end product that burns with over 76% efficiency. It has passed the DIN+ particle test in the UK and it is EN Approved. It is manufactured according to European design in China for the U.K. market. It has been rigorously CE and smoke control tested through Kiwa Gastec in the UK and it is British standard approved. It comes with a 5-year limited guarantee.

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