Northern Flame Tarsa
Northern Flame Tarsa

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Northern Flame Tarsa

The Northern Flame Tarsa is a medium to large sized fireplace that features a traditional design with a modern edge. It’s a multi fuel fireplace manufactured out of pure, thick, Australian cast-iron. The cast iron is top quality and durable and is not produced from recycled or excess materials. It features a cast iron door, body and a thick, cast-iron top which radiates heat long after the fire has dimmed down. It comes with durable and solid fittings. There is a polished chrome handle and riddle mechanism lever. The Tarsa also has a large combustion chamber, which means you get more heat for a much better price!

The Tarsa is Slow-Burn efficient, which means you can idle the burn and get more out of your fuel. It’s also easy to use. There are Primary and Secondary Combustion with air controls. Primary air enters via the round air vents on the bottom of the door and feeds the fire from under the grate. Secondary air enters via the air vent above the door and is used for Secondary combustion and for the pre-heated air wash system that keeps the glass cleaner for longer. The Tarsa also has an excellent overnight burn system. Its airtight door gaskets and manually controlled air vents allow you to close the stove down overnight. All you need to do is reopen the air controls, add fuel, and watch the fire roar again in the morning.

The combustion chamber is fully lined with cast-iron firebricks and comfortably loads 45cm logs. There are heat resistant fire rope seals on the door, a removable steel baffle plate, and a cast iron, multi-fuel ash riddling grate. The ash pan is removable for an easy clean. Included is an ash pan tool for ash pan removal; a glove for opening the door and adjusting the air levers; and an instruction manual. The legs of the Tarsa are removable.

The Tarsa is a high-end product manufactured to European design, in China, for the U.K. market. It is CE and British Standard EN approved and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

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