TM3-R Mixing Uni EMMETI basic (no pump)
TM3-R Mixing Uni EMMETI basic (no pump)

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TM3-R Mixing Uni EMMETI basic (no pump)

With the help of the TM3-R underfloor mixing unit, high temperature heat sources such as a boiler fire stove may be used to supply low temperature underfloor heating. The TM3-R regulates the water temperature by mixing and supplying hot water as needed in the underfloor heating circuit.

Technical data:

  • Max temperature for primary circuit: 90 °C
  • Max operating pressure: 6 bar – ΔP
  • max for primary circuit: 1 bar
  • Secondary range: 20 – 65 °C (fixed-point regulation)
  • Thermal power exchangeable ΔT 7°C, ΔP useful 0,25 bar
  • Fixed-point regulation: 10 kW by-pass position 0
  • Fixed-point regulation: 12.5 kW by-pass position 5
  • Mixing valve pressure drop (fixed-point regulation): Kv 3
  • Pressure drop with by-pass valve position 5 (fixed-point regulation): Kv max=4,8
  • Thermometer scale: 0 – 80°C
  • Mixing group head threads: 1” male Circulation pump connection: pipe union 1”1/2 – takeoffs 130 mm

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