Ultra-dense Underfloor Products

Ultra-dense Floor Panel Installation Warm up faster with our Ultra-Dense Underfloor Heating – for when you need heating now. Our Ultra-Dense underfloor systems are based on a revolutionary new panel system, with a much thinner design than our classic option. With the ultra-dense panel combining the insulation and piping layer, eliminating the need for a screed top layer, the installation thickness is reduced by up to 30mm, making this panel based installation perfect for retrofitting projects, where minimal floor height changes are desired. Additionally, due to the fact that we are no longer adding ±45 mm screed which is what caused the 2 hour lag and heat retention, this system now boasts only a 30-minute heating lag time, meaning customers can have their heating when they want it. In addition to quicker heating, this reduced lag time, when combined with one of our smart thermostat systems, can modulate the heat output of the system, ensuring only as much heat as needed is generated, so nothing goes to waste.