Traditional Underfloor Heating Products

Traditional Underfloor Installation

This installation has a greater thickness than our ultra-dense installation, due to the multiple layers of protective sheeting, insulation and piping, but features high durability and reliability. Due to this thickness, the traditional installation is better suited to new builds, where the floor can be sunk without much additional construction effort, but installation in retrofits is possible. Additionally, again due to the thickness, the system features a heating lag time of 2-3 hours. This means it will take 2-3 hours for the home to fully warm up once the system is turned on. The thick insulation layer means that the system retains heat for an extended period of time, meaning the system is best suited to areas where whole day heating is required, such as a home office, shops etc. Alternatively, with the addition of one of our smart integrated systems, users can set distinct on/off times for the system, ensuring the areas are already warmed up when they need it. In conclusion, our classic style underfloor heating system provides a tried-and-true solution for those who prioritize reliability and durability, or those who desire a system with high heat retention.