Wood Stove vs Gas Heater

If you have been thinking about investing in a wood stove for the upcoming winter, you may be wondering how this heating option compares to a gas heater or fireplace. A recent Hydrofire heating comparison helps you determine the cost of heating your home in South Africa, but what else […]

Wood Burning Fireplace Showcase: Premium Edition

The Hydrofire Premium Edition includes some of the finest wood burning fireplaces available. This range includes both free-standing and built-in models, all of which are imported from Europe. Every single fireplace at Hydrofire comes with a stringent CE certification. You will always have full peace of mind knowing that the […]

How Do Closed Combustion Fireplaces Differ from Open Fireplaces?

If you’re in the market for a fireplace, you may be wondering whether it is best to go with a closed combustion fireplace or an open fireplace. Aside from the obvious differences such as design, many are unsure what the difference is between these two in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness […]

Steel vs. Cast Iron Wood Burning Stoves

Until recent years, cast iron was the only choice available for wood burning stoves. Today however, homeowners are blessed with a wider variety of stove options than ever before. Both cast iron and steel stoves have advantages and disadvantages, from their appearance to their heating ability, longevity and price. Which […]

Built-In vs Freestanding Wood Burning Stoves

The two primary choices for wood burning stoves include freestanding and built-in. Both of these fireplaces offer a number of advantages, from cost-effective heating all the way to visual appeal. Deciding on which option is right for your home comes down to a number of factors. Some prefer the look […]

Top Reasons to Consider Central Heating for Your Home

Central heating offers an extremely effective way to warm your entire house or office, using a single boiler stove system. While some systems use hot air or oil, water is one of the most efficient ways to provide heat throughout an entire building. The way it works is surprisingly simple. […]

Choosing Your Heating Solution With Hydrofire

Selecting the correct heating solution –whether it’s a fireplace, radiator or braai- is a vital aspect of ensuring the enjoyment of many hours of warmth and comfort, in your own home with maximum ease and efficiency. Hydrofire is an innovative, solution-oriented company that prides itself in providing helpful insights, accurate […]

Calculating The Correct Fireplace Size

The most effective and consistent method of comparing the heating capability of a selected fireplace is by looking at the nominal power in Kw of each fireplace. Every heating company uses a slightly different method of calculating the required heating for a specific area. At Hydrofire we have carefully selected […]

Freestanding vs Built-in Fireplaces

Another important decision to be made is whether you would prefer a built-in or freestanding fireplace. Generally, a freestanding fireplace adds a little bit of old school charm to a room and is much easier to install because it only requires flue pipes to be run through your ceiling and […]