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Hydrofire’s Online Flue Price Calculator

Instantly get a quote for your fireplace flue with the first calculator of its kind in the world

Why endure the effort if there’s a simpler solution? That’s exactly what the Hydrofire team offers you with our online flue calculator. 

Instead of the usual effort of trying to manually determine a price for your flue, try our user-friendly, online flue quote calculator. Technology makes life simpler, so let’s use it to your benefit!

What is Hydrofire’s flue price calculator?

Navigate to our fireplace flue price calculator and you’ll see an online tool that determines the price and parts list of an appropriate flue for your fireplace within a few easy steps. By selecting options and providing some measurements in the given fields, (estimates will do!) you give the calculator all it needs to determine the cost of your new flue – instantly. 

Why our flue quote calculator is revolutionary

So, why exactly is our flue price calculator such a game-changer in the fireplace market?


To begin with, this calculator is the first of its kind in the world. No other brand can give you such easy access to the information you need for your fireplace. Our flue calculator makes it much easier to plan your construction or renovation projects.

Save Time

The other factor that clients appreciate is getting results with much less effort than before – and getting them instantly! Simply input some measurements, or use estimates, and get an immediate quote. And when we say immediate, we mean immediate! The instant turnaround time of our calculator means no more waiting around for someone to contact you ‘within 24 hours.’ You’ll have your quote as soon as you click the submit button.  

Accurate Planning

And then of course there’s the issue of your budget. Regardless of the type of fireplace you’re looking to get a quote for, one of your biggest concerns is probably the affordability of the installation. Hydrofire can answer that question within seconds: the calculator provides a comprehensive quote, and you can then compare your different options to start planning your project! 

How to use the calculator to get a quote for your flue

You may think when trying to determine your fireplace flue price that calculator tools are complicated to use. Not with Hydrofire’s flue calculator. Whether you have a single or double story building, the flue price calculator is the perfect, easy solution. The tool is also relevant for various types of ceilings and roof slopes. 

Here’s the simple step by step process:

  1. Installation type: Pick single or double story, depending on the installation of your fireplace. If your fireplace is on the second story of your home, please select single story. Select double story only if your fireplace is on the ground floor, and the flue itself extends through both stories of the building.
  2. Roof type: Use the descriptions and images to identify the roof that best describes your structure. It can be open truss, a roof with an external flue or a standard ceiling.
  3. Steepness: Select the appropriate slope option. The flue calculator provides clear directions so you know which will be correct for your specific setup.
  4. Measurements: You only need four measurements to give the calculator enough information for an accurate quote. A sketch clearly shows you which areas of your structure you specifically need to measure. Once again, the tool gives you helpful tips to get it right the first time. Simply type in your numbers and you’re ready to move on to the next step.
  5. Fireplace data: Our flue calculator already contains preloaded data for our fireplace models. Simply pick the one you prefer, and specify whether you need an offset. There is also an option if you have a fireplace that is not specified on the list – simply input its height and diameter measurements, and proceed to the final step.
  6. Submit: When you’ve added your data, hit the ‘Submit’ button and receive your on-the-spot quote for both parts and prices! Kindly note that if you require any add-ons or custom results on your quote, we will request that you please sign up to our platform.

One of the best features of the tool is that you can easily go back and change data quickly to obtain another quote. Compare the results and make the most budget appropriate decision for your building or project.

Which fireplaces work best with our flue calculator?

You’ll see that there’s a comprehensive list of fireplace options to pick from on Hydrofire’s flue calculator. Whether you want a freestanding Torino or a built in L7 Bordeaux, take your pick. Or compare a Ray Max G with a Deluxe F Freestanding Fireplace before you finalise your plans. The calculator can provide accurate quotes for them all, so you can make an informed decision. 

Another great feature of our online calculator is that it allows you to use your own fireplace as well, in the event that you already have one. All you have to do is input its height and diameter measurements, and you’ll be able to get your instant quote in seconds.

You’ve got your custom quote—what now?

Are you ready to do flue installation the easy way from now on? It all starts with a quote… and Hydrofire’s flue price calculator is undoubtedly the best option on today’s market. 

Once you’ve found the best option for your building, talk to our team or place your order online – and let our experts do the rest!