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Why Now is the Time to Consider a Wood Burning Fireplace

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While we may be making the move into summer here in the Cape, now is the perfect time to consider a wood burning fireplace that will see you through the cooler spring days, autumn nights and winters to come. One of the biggest assumptions that many people have about wood stoves is that they are only useful in the heart of winter. It is certainly true that you will need your fireplace most when it’s cold, but planning ahead can help you ensure that you are fully prepared not only for winter but for the ever-changing Cape Town weather that occurs during every season.

Why Now is the Time to Consider a Wood Burning Fireplace - Fireplace Tips

Top Reasons to Invest in a Wood Burning Fireplace

Waiting until winter might make it harder to find the exact type of fireplace you want. Making a rushed decision can often result in poorly chosen products or suppliers. Winter is typically the busiest time to purchase a wood stove, while summer is usually quieter for installers so the turnaround time is a lot faster. You may also be able to enjoy off-season savings when buying a stove in spring or summer. Another advantage of getting your fireplace early is that you will be able to buy wood in the hot, dry summer months and store it properly so that it is dry and ready to burn once winter arrives. Once the wet weather arrives, wood is harder to find, more expensive and usually relatively wet. By taking the time to start thinking ahead, you will be able to enjoy your wood burning fireplace on rainy spring nights and any other time the weather turns cold. Once winter begins, you won’t have to rush to find the perfect stove, as you will already have one installed.

Why do you need a wood burning stove at all, you may be wondering? Here are some of the top benefits of this type of fireplace…

  • They are the most cost-effective way to heat your home. When compared side by side, wood burning stoves are more cost-efficient than any other heating methods, including gas heaters, electrical heaters, pellet stoves and air-conditioners. As this type of fireplace requires nothing but wood, and conserves air wisely to trap heat within the stove, it provides an effective, affordable solution once the fireplace is purchased and installed. To see a full comparison of various heating methods, have a look at our report that breaks down the cost of heating your home in South Africa.
  • They are available in a wide range of styles. Whether you are thinking about a free-standing fireplace or a built-in fireplace, you can choose the fireplace that is right for your home. This is another reason that it is useful to start planning now rather than waiting until winter returns. You will have ample time to consider your needs, budget, space requirements and preferences, as well as time to do your research on what sort of fireplace you would like. Here at Hydrofire, we offer an excellent range of contemporary fireplaces that enhance every room. View our fireplaces product range to see what we currently have to offer.
  • They are easy to use, clean and maintain. Unlike regular open fireplaces, this type of fireplace is clean and easy to maintain. Once the fire is started, you can keep it going for hours with little effort. As it is a closed stove, there are far fewer safety risks involved. Very little ash and build-up appears, and what little ash remains can easily be removed and distributed into your bin. Maintenance is minimal, with a long life-span that makes this an excellent investment.

Closed combustion fireplaces add plenty of value to any home. To learn more about our range of wood burning fireplaces, contact Hydrofire to request a quote.