Central heating radiator

Central Heating

Our Boiler units allow a single fireplace to heat your entire home, and domestic hot water too!

Harvest even more energy from a wood-burner and ‘combine’ it with other energy sources:

Hydrofire is available in Cape Town and Johannesburg and we specialize in harvesting the energy from wood burning boiler stoves and fireplaces to heat:

  • Wall mounted radiators
  • Underfloor heating (water based)
  • Domestic hot water
  • Heat storage – for when fireplace is not running

Hydrofire’s Central Heating with Integrated Tank Storage heats your home through the use of our Fire place boiler while also heating up a highly-insulated storage tank. The stored heat is then used to heat up the home when the fire place is not running. An additional heat source such as Solar Panel Heaters, Heat Pumps and Liquid Fuel boilers may also be connected in conjunction with the wood fueled boiler in which case the water may be kept heated and domestic hot water also be drawn from the Tank.

How does integrated central heating work?

Warm your house or office easily and effectively!

Benefits of Central Heating with a Boiler Fireplace:

  • Completely even heat distribution throughout the house
  • If a certain area unoccupied can be switched off
  • Any excess energy can be stored in buffer tank
    (if one available)
  • Warm house in the morning using stored tank energy

Here’s How

  1. Our boiler replace heats water in a closed loop system.
  2. Hot water is pumped from the fireplace through the wall mounted radiators or underfloor heating to warm your home.
  3. Our highly insulated tank integrates heat from several heat sources: Fireplace; Solar Panels; Heat Pump etc. The system is setup such that excess energy is stored in the tank. Alternatively all replace energy can be diverted to the tank manually by the user. Enough energy in the tank to heat house 2-3 hours in the morning.* Once tank temperature drops to 50 degrees, heating is disabled to preserve hot water for showering.
  4. The stored heat in the tank can be used for: Radiator heating; Underfloor heating; Domestic hot water; Pool Heating etc.

* Depending on tank size; heating system size; stored tank energy