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If you would like to have one of our live sales assistants sense check your order , please upload the following pictures/files below. Our salespeople process multiple orders daily and will quickly pick up any mistake in your order.

  • Photo of where the fireplace will stand inside the house
  • Photo of the outside of the house showing the roof and rough position where the flue would come out
  • Floor To ceiling Height Measurement
  • Approximate space in the roof cavity (if known)
  • If a double story installation è floor to ceiling Height measurement upstairs

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  • One or more photos of where you’d like your fireplace installed, or photo of your built-in fireplace. Please ensure that you capture the floor and ceiling in your photo.
  • One or more photos of the roof approximately the position where the flues would come out.
  • If you have architectural drawings, you are welcome to upload those as well.