Find the perfect wood burning fireplace for your home with our wide selection of energy-efficient cast iron and steel heating units. Whether you are searching for the perfect built-in fireplace, freestanding closed combustion stove, or premium edition fireplace, you will find a wide variety of styles and sizes here at Hydrofire – Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Our closed combustion fireplaces come in various sizes, starting from 5kw fireplaces that will easily heat a space of around 50m2, to larger 16kw fireplaces that can heat areas of up to 180m2. Heated areas are calculated for an average 2.6m ceiling height.

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Browse our options below to choose from various fireplace styles and sizes that are available in cast iron as well as steel. The majority of our units are contemporary, with a modern look that features clean lines and large fire views. Many of our models offer a rear flue exit. View our comprehensive selection of standard, side glass, double sized and glass units to find your dream fireplace today!

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The Hydrofire range offers high-efficiency closed combustion stoves. We do not sell open fireplaces. Traditional open fires are often extremely inefficient. They have approximately a 25-30% efficiency, compared to closed combustion stoves and fireplaces, which have a 70% -80% efficiency. With open fireplaces, the chimney heats, causing the air to rise. As the smoke is extracted through the chimney, open fireplaces also suck out a lot of hot air from the room. Our wood burning fireplaces are all closed, which means that the only air going up the chimney is the air used in the combustion process. You can expect to use approximately three times less wood with these stoves compared to an open fire. The heat produced by closed combustion stoves is far more significant as well. View our heating comparison results in our study, The Cost of Heating Your Home in South Africa to see how closed fireplaces compare to other heating systems.All of our fireplaces feature hidden hinges for better aesthetics, as well as separate ash trays, making them easy to clean. The upper air inlets (secondary air controls) are positioned to allow the air to go past the glass, keeping the smoke and soot away from the glass. Using the correct “dry” wood and running your fireplace correctly will ensure minimal build-up on the glass, reducing the requirement for cleaning. We do however also import a specialised fireplace glass cleaner designed for easy cleaning of the fireplace glass. Please ask our sales staff about this product when placing your order.

Closed combustion means that the roaring fire is contained within the stove or fireplace walls. Most of our units come either with thick cast iron sides, or refractory bricks. This allows the unit to absorb the heat and refract it back into the fire, thereby allowing the combustion temperatures to be much higher than an open fire. High combustion temperature of the wood ensures much fuller and efficient utilisation of the fuel. The remaining ashes are therefore minimal.

In line with CE certification rules, manufacturers are required to provide a safe way of opening the fireplace and stove door. In line with that requirement, some of our units are equipped with a heat resistant glove, while other units utilise a special tool used for opening the stove’s door.

To learn more about our range of wood burning fireplaces, simply contact us today!