1200mm Premium Contractors Combo Braai
1200mm Premium Contractors Combo Braai

Built-in braais

1200mm Premium Contractors Combo Braai

If having options is important when it comes to your culinary needs, then our wood & gas combo braai is the perfect solution for you. Benefits include:

  • Easy installation, saving you time and money on building costs (please refer to our specifications when building the opening for your braai)
  • Potjie hook is included, pizza dome and rotisserie are offered as extra options for greater cooking versatility
  • Built-in door feature that optimizes your working space
  • Bright light for evening cooking
  • Multiple grid placement positions for additional grill placement
  • Easy access for cleaning.

Get in touch with one of our trusted consultants for a custom extraction solution to fulfil your culinary desires.

Professional Installation

Fast, precise and clean

Did you know that every fireplace requires flues?

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