16x2mm Alpert Pipe 500m
16x2mm Alpert Pipe 500m
16x2mm Alpert Pipe 500m


16x2mm Alpert Pipe 500m

Our multilayer pipe is imported from EMMETI in Italy and is specifically designed for Heating Systems in mind, although it is ideal for domestic applications also. Our Standard Temperature heat resistance pipe is suitable for Underfloor Heating systems as well as domestic hot and cold water systems. It is resistant to 70 degrees continuous temperature and a peak of 95 degrees for a short period. This pipe is also an equivalent spec to most other piping available on the SA market.
Classes of application (UNI EN ISO 21003) / Operating pressures (bar): 2/10 bar, 5/10 bar

Maximum operating temperature: 70 °C
Maximum peak temperature: 95 °C
Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
Thermal conductivity: 0,45 W/m K
Coefficient of linear expansion: 0,026 mm/m °C
Minimum radius of bending: 5 x D pipe
Pipe roughness: 7 μm
Water capacity: 0,11 l/m
Application: heating / sanitary systems


• 1 Inner pipe PE-RT
• 2 Bonding layer connecting the inner pipe to the aluminium pipe
• 3 Horizontal-roller-position welding
• 4 Bonding layer connecting the outer pipe to the aluminium pipe
• 5 External pipe PE-RT

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