Centralina Solare EMCS 2015
Centralina Solare EMCS 2015

Controllers; Thermostats; Measurement

Centralina Solare EMCS 2015

Temperature differential controller for systems with solar manifolds or solid fuel boilers, equipped with 4 inputs for temperature probes PT1000, 2 on/off outputs with live relay, 1 PWM/0-10V output to control high efficiency circulators, external connection via CAN-Bus or Ethernet for the management of the system even at a distance via local network or internet. Has 27 different hydraulic diagrams selectable with the possibility to activate additional functions for any unused relays. Display of the measured temperatures and of the status of the relays. Complete with clock and reserve battery (autonomy 24 h). Simple heat metering function. Functions protecting the system, the solar manifold and the boiler. Anti-legionella function. Anti-freeze function. Offset correction of temperature sensors.

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