Klover Dual Boiler
Klover Dual Boiler
Klover Dual Boiler

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Klover Dual Boiler

The Klover DUAL is a freestanding, pellet boiler for the modern home.

The Klover DUAL is made from steel, a stylish and reliable material that ensures wood burns efficiently. Thanks to its unique design, this boiler is one of the most innovative in the pellet range and can heat just about anything, from your domestic water to your central heating. This is a very powerful unit that can heat medium to very large spaces. The model is at the cutting edge of technology innovation, thanks to the "SICURO TOP" system, which is used to increase heating efficiency and safety. It also has very a high combustion efficiency that combined with low emissions, make DUAL products some of the most unique in the world.

Aesthetically, with double ceramic glass fire doors, fixed handles, along with soft lines and hand-made tiles, this unit showcases the dedication to workmanship and attention to detail of the DUAL range. It is no surprise that Klover is synonymous with high-quality engineering.

* Boiler output = 17.7kW - 20kW

* Wood Power = 11.3kW - 13.6kW (6.5kW to water; 4.8kW to air)

* Pellet Power = 16.1kW (11.2kW to water; 4.8kW to air)


* 6 x Faster than normal quartz ignition plug
* Automatic weekly programmer
* Innovative advanced Controller
* Sealed cast iron Brazier
* Chrome protected treatment
* Electronic circulation pump
* Boiler touch screen
* Glass fibre cable
* Wi-Fi enabled for remote control

Professional Installation

Fast, precise and clean

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