Freestanding Fireplaces


The Phoenix is a remarkable enhancement for compact living rooms, spacious bedrooms, or professional offices. This durable fireplace consumes minimal wood while delivering exceptional warmth and imbuing the space with its unique allure. It has also been crafted from premium 4mm thick steel, ensuring ensuring quality and reliability.
The Phoenix features Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Combustion systems, thoughtfully governed by precision air controls.

Primary air is funnelled through a lower door vent, stoking the fire from beneath the grate. Meanwhile, Secondary air facilitates Secondary combustion and fuels the pre-heated air wash system, ensuring a crystal-clear glass that stays cleaner for longer. Tertiary air, which ensures an even cleaner and more efficient burn, hence ensuring the product complies with Euro 2022 Eco Design requirements, is fed through a row of holes at the back of the combustion chamber. The Phoenix was manufactured in China, according to European design, and also offers a 2-year limited warranty, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.

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