SM Flat Roof Flashing (EPDM) 160-220mm Base: 365mm*365mm (YS41)
SM Flat Roof Flashing (EPDM) 160-220mm Base: 365mm*365mm (YS41)

Roof Flashing

SM Flat Roof Flashing (EPDM) 160-220mm Base: 365mm*365mm (YS41)

This is the SM FLAT ROOF FLASHING (EPDM) 160-220MM made of Silicone which is a special sort of synthetic rubber. EPDM can withstand the elements and does not disintegrate when exposed to the sun. Our EPDM flashings have been tested to high temperature resistance of up to 135°C intermittent (for short periods) and 100°C continuous (for longer periods). We include silicon flashing in our flue kit for guaranteed quality waterproofing.

Where would you use a SM FLAT ROOF FLASHING (EPDM) 160-220MM?

  • Used to give a reliable seal and waterproofing where the flue exits your roof.
  • Used for most of our installations on all types of flat roofs, concrete or metal roofs with a flue size of up to 220mm.
  • For use with insulated flue.
  • All of our flue kits come with a European CE certification.

Professional Installation

Fast, precise and clean

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