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Thermostatic Head with Sensor

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A thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) is installed on each radiator's hot water inflow pipe to adjust the flow of hot water. It's made up of several components: a valve or tap and a sensor. The sensor on a thermostatic radiator valve measures the temperature of the room. The ambient temperature can vary depending on how the heating is set, as well as the time of day, the sun's rays shining through a window, the number of people in the room, the heat produced by devices being used, etc. Taking all these elements into account, a TRV can more accurately adjust how the heating functions to maintain a consistent temperature in a room. This avoids heating a room unnecessarily or overheating it if the temperature is already sufficient. The valve is the control component strictly speaking. This is what regulates the flow of hot water according to the temperature read by the sensor. It usually has an adjustment knob that allows you to select the level of warmth in the room. This adjustment is manual, in which case the valve has a graduated knob or lever with several positions corresponding to different degrees of heating. TRVs can be installed on all hot-water radiators, regardless of which type of boiler you have and the method of central heating (oil, wood, natural gas, etc.). They regulate the temperature in each room and can be used even if you already have a room thermostat in your home. This is perfect for fine-tuning your comfort based on the rooms in your home and your requirements.

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