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TriniT Tri – Flow Faucet

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The TriniT system consists of a small tank in the (kitchen) cupboard that is linked to the boiling water tap on the worktop.

The tank acts like a vacuum flask connected to the water mains. The air in the insulated wall is so thin that the heat is unable to escape.

It therefore takes very little energy (3 Watts) to keep the water in the tank at 100°c / 108°C. The temperature of the out flowing water then drops to either 90°C or 98°C (depending on which heat setting you choose). While the water is flowing out of the tap, filtered / fresh water flows into the tank.  The initial heat – up time of the boiler unit is approximately 3-5 minutes (depending on the altitude) and uses 1500 Watts, thereafter the unit will keep the 2.4 litres on a constant boil using only 3 Watts per hour.

  • Time saving: With the TriniT instant filtered boiling water taps you will never have to wait for water to boil.
  • Energy Efficient: Anyone who needs boiling water several times a day will definitely save on energy using the TriniT boiling water tap instead of using the kettle / kitchen geyser or the pot of water on the stove.
  • Key Features:
  • Instantly boiled water to 90 or 98 degree Celsius
  • Pressure-less safety design with a safety lock
  • Anti-scald safety faucet
  • Anti-steam design
  • Boiling water tank capacity is 2.4 litres
  • Filtered boiling water
  • Normal hot / cold water (mixer)
  • Warranty - 5 Years warranty on faucet / 2 years warranty on boiler unit. (Filter must be exchanged once a year or after 10.000 litres of water consumption)

This unit can be installed, by our Qualified Central Heating Technician, at an additional cost.


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Solid Chromed Brass – DZR3 Approved


2.4 litres (Boiling Water Tank Capacity)


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