W7 Bavorov - Wall
W7 Bavorov - Wall

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W7 Bavorov - Wall

The Bavorov Wall is a wall-mounted fireplace for your indoor-living.

This fireplace is made from cast iron, ensuring your fire stays warm for longer. With an average 10kW of power produced, it is ideal for medium spaces of up to 115m². While an open fireplace is only 25-30% efficient, the Bavorov Wall provides up to 72% efficiency.

Aesthetically, the simplicity of the design combined with the wall-mounted feature, beautifully showcases the blazing flames to give you the best possible visibility of your heating handiwork. This is the perfect way to keep warm and on trend - at home. <p>

 This fireplace has been imported from Europe , with German manufactured casting and boasts a strict CE certification, so you know you can rely on the quality of any unit you purchase from Hydrofire. Just to ensure you sleep well at night, it comes with  a 5 year warranty.

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