W9 Titan - Wall
W9 Titan - Wall

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W9 Titan - Wall

The Titan Wall is a wall-mounted fireplace for modern indoor living.

Fully cast iron, the Titan wall-mounted fireplace is extremely powerful and can heat a medium to large space with ease, keeping your room warm for an extended period of time. With an average of 14kW of power produced, this model is ideal for spaces up to a maximum of 130m². The wall mounting feature is an extremely modern, and useful feature, enabling easy cleaning below the fireplace. While an open fireplace is only 25-30% efficient, this fireplace provides 76% efficiency. The fireplace is comfortable loading 700mm logs, which also saves you the trouble of chopping extra wood. With thick cast iron construction, the Titan wall reveals a crystal-clear view of the fire. Staying warm this winter has never been more appealing.

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